We are a company dedicated to produce and export conventional and organic bananas with highly technified farms, located on the Ecuadorian coast, in the provinces Guayas and Santa Elena.

We started operations in 2011 with the planting of conventional bananas at the Farm Inmaculada, located in Simon Bolivar in the province Guayas. In the last four years we have focused our efforts on expanding our production capacity through the acquisition of the farms: Doménica, María del Pilar, and Don Polo.

Social responsibility and environmental care are, for us, the undeniable foundations for the sustainability of our business model. Therefore, all our farms have the international Global Gap, and Rainforest certifications through which we ensure compliance with the environmental standards and licenses, as well as a production and export process with the highest quality standards, complying simultaneously with all the regulations and provisions required by the Ministry of Labor and other public institutions of Ecuador.



To increase our banana production in a responsible manner through the design and application of environmental, social responsibility, and occupational-safety policies, in order to create an environment that ensures the care of our workers.


To have highly technified farms that apply socially responsible productive processes with views to constantly improve the quality of life of our workers, their families, and communities.




Banexcel has a highly qualified team, dedicated to ensure that this mainstay of our business model is applied in each and every one of our facilities and farms. This team is composed of an Industrial Safety Specialist and a Medical Department who are both responsible for the correct installation and visibility of safety signage in all of our farms, as well as the assurace of our collaborators’ health through the opportune completion of the occupational exams.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Program (OSH) seeks to tackle issues related not only to safety and the work environment, but also to factors concerning personal care, family, and social issues with the aim of protecting the physical and mental well-being of our employees. In turn, the OSH program provides our workers with fundamental and highly useful information for the proper performance of their daily activities.




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